"Ow, it just gave me a shock. Maybe Kraff's trying to tell me something."
―Jimmy Boston

Jimmy Boston is an actor and celebrity in the HD Universe.

Events of TBoGT

Luis Lopez, Armando and Henrique talk about Jimmy while on a friend activity. Armando and Henrique are great fans, and are jealous when they learn that Luis introduced his sister to him at Maisonette 9, only for her to corner him and "tell him how miserable her life is".

Events of GTA V

In GTA V, Jimmy Boston is heard on the talk show Chattersphere in an interview with Michelle Minx and Lazlow about his new show Life Guard. At the end of the interview, Boston says goodbye and then yells "Kifflom!", revealing he's a member of the Epsilon Program.

Once Michael De Santa has collected the cars needed for the Epsilon Program, Jimmy Boston is met in person during the side mission Chasing the Truth where he helps find "alien artifacts" for Epsilon with Marnie and Michael, with the help of a Digiscanner.

Later, he appears again in the mission Delivering the Truth, where he will be in the Sandy Shores Airfield, waiting for the Velum that Michael is supposed to deliver for him.

His final appearance is in the mission Exercising the Truth, where he, Tom, and Marnie will give Michael the final test that he must accomplish before joining the Epsilon Program.

Boston is also one of the honoured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.

Mission Appearences



  • He is most likely a parody of Scientology affiliated actor Tom Cruise.