Jobs provide a more structured gameplay experience than Free Mode in GTA Online. They offer both cooperative and competitive experiences, so the player can choose to play the game how he/she wishes.

List of Online Job Types:


Main article: Deathmatch
Deathmatches in GTA Online appear as multi-team and free for all (FFA). Standard deathmatch rules apply, where the team or player with the most kills at the end of the match wins.


Main article: Races in GTA Online
In races, players must work their way through a series of checkpoints to make it to the finish line. Players who finish the race in higher standing will reap higher rewards. Races can be of several sub-classes:
  • Lap Race
  • Point to point
  • GTA Race
  • Rally Race


Main article: Capture
Capture is a free DLC game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online released on December 18, 2013 as point of the 1.08 update. It is GTA's version of the famous Capture the Flag. It is available for up to 16 players depending on the map. As of the 1.12 patch, the Capture Creator has been released, allowing players to make their own Capture maps.
4 types of Capture map are available:
  • Contend
  • GTA
  • Hold
  • Raid

Last Team Standing

Main article: Last Team Standing
Last Team Standing plays fairly similarly to Deathmatch. However, whenever a player is killed, they do not respawn. Instead, dead players are forced to spectate for the rest of the match.

Mission (Co-operative)

Co-operative missions (otherwise known as Contact Missions) allow multiple players to work together toward a common goal. They are structured similar to the missions in single player, where the player is given a series of objectives and must complete them to gather the reward. Some of these missions require multiple job roles to be allocated to players (Transporter, Sniper, etc...).

Versus Mission

Competitive missions (referred to by Rockstar as Versus Missions) allow multiple teams of players to go head to head, with the winning team getting the greatest reward. Some missions require the players to fight for the same goal, such as stealing a vehicle and returning it to a certain location. Other missions, such as Top Fun, have different goals for each team, which requires one team, the Runners, to flee to a certain location on the map, while the other team, the Hunters, can only win if they kill all the Runners.


Main article: Parachuting
Parachuting, involves players jumping out of Maverick helicopters high above the ground and opening their parachutes. Some jobs will involve a Base Jump from a building or mountain top. The players must then navigate their parachutes through various circular checkpoints, similar to air races.


Main article: Survival
Survival is a job where the player(s) must survive an onslaught of enemies that come in up to 10 waves, with higher rewards for each wave survived as the difficulty of the AI opponents increases.

Accessing Jobs

Jobs can be accessed in many different ways.

  • During Free Mode sessions, jobs will be offered by contacts.
  • Jobs appear as blue coronas in the open world of Free Mode and the player can simply walk into the corona to trigger the job.
  • Jobs appear as icons on the player map in the Free Mode Pause menu and players can activate the job from its icon on the full version of the map.
  • Also in the Pause menu in Free Mode, under the Online heading, select Jobs then each heading as listed above. Only jobs the player has unlocked by Rank requirement and/or previously played will be listed.
  • From the main menu, selecting "RANDOM JOB" will send the player into a random job.

After a Job

At the completion of a job the player(s) will be presented with a Voting screen with random jobs available to the players in the current group.

Player(s) can vote to select one of the 6 jobs listed, or refresh the list 2 more times to find a job they would all prefer. Majority rules with the host having the tiebreaker vote. 

Changes to the Next Job voting creen introduced in the Heists Update:

  • There are now 2 pages of jobs down from 3.
  • The first page will display only Jobs of the same type you just finished playing, including a “Random” option. For example, if you just finished playing Rooftop Rumble, only Missions will appear on the new first page, and you will have a “Random Mission” option.
  • The second page will show a random selection of jobs, similar to how the Next Job Voting Screen worked previously, to allow players to change Job types if desired.

A replay option is available in limited circumstances (e.g. if the team failed the previous job). Or the players can elect to return to Free Mode. Any players electing to return to Free Mode are not bound by the majority vote and will be split from the group.