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"We've cared about people for too long! I'm giving you all the finger!"
―Jock Cranley

John "Jock" Cranley is an actor and stunt double celebrity who appears in a radio advertisement on Wave 103 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and on MeTV News on the Vice City Stories website. Jock is later seen in Grand Theft Auto V as a politician running for governor of San Andreas.

3D Universe

Cranley got famous for his hit TV show in the 80's, Stunt Double and would later go on to star in movies, like Nighthawk 5, The Mainframe and 18-Wheeler Deathrace.

Cranley warns against the use of drugs and admits to having had problems with drugs in the past. He was arrested by the VCPD, although he was later released, claiming it was a stunt double committing the crimes on PSA he was assigned to do.

HD Universe

Before becoming famous, Cranley used to live out in Blaine County. During the 70's, Cranley attained aspirations to become a stunt man in Los Santos, but his wife Jolene Cranley-Evans objected to them moving out to Los Santos wishing for them to stay in Blaine County. So, while on a hike on Mount Gordo, Jock Cranley threw his wife off the side of a cliff, killing her. Jock was taken into custody by the police but was immediately released without charge.

In GTA V, he is the main conservative candidate in the race for governor of the State of San Andreas. His main rival is liberal candidate Sue Murry. He has commercials on TV and a website at; on these Jock Cranley promises to eliminate taxes by selling off unnecessary parkland and reducing the education budget by 98%. He is reported to attempt to humiliate his opponent a lot, calling her "names that rhyme with 'front' and 'scratch'", portraying her as a bloody, demonic monster, and even throwing feces at her campaign headquarters.



  • Jock is an extreme parody of Republicans. He wants to reduce park and education budget by 98% and eliminate taxes. Not to mention that a stereotypical Republican is usually that of an old white man.
  • Specifically, Cranley is based on the numerous Hollywood actors who have gone on to represent the Republican party in government, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan.
  • British tourist and celebrity seeker Nigel mistakes Trevor for Jock Cranley when they meet for the first time in Nigel's first Strangers and Freaks mission.
  • Surprisingly, Jock's year of birth is the exact same as Leonora Johnson's.


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