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John F. "Florida" Hickory is a resident of Vice City in 1986. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he appears as a guest on VCPR's Pressing Issues, alongside Congressman Alex Shrub and Callum Crayshaw. The man originally intended to be on the show was carjacked and chose to stay in his house and "arm himself to the teeth;" Hickory was invited on the show as a short order replacement.

Hickory is very a very patriotic Floridian. He changed his middle name to Florida and had an orange grove tattooed on his groin to show his loyalty and patriotism towards the State of Florida. Irritated by the amount of outsiders coming into Florida, he has become an advocate of Florida's succession from the United States of America. His plan is for all the people of Florida to dig a big ditch along Florida's northern border. After that, he believes that Florida will float off into the ocean. Once Florida is at sea there will be no more work, every day will be a holiday, and Florida will become a private utopia. Needless to say, Maurice Chavez calls his idea "so stupid that [he] cannot bring [himself] to repeat it." Hickory tries to speak like a firebrand motivational speaker. He describes his plan as "digging a ditch of hope, which will turn into a river of freedom."

On the show, he is coerced into admitting that he has only been in Florida since 1981. Maurice sardonically notes that Pressing Issues has been on the air longer than that. Hickory also says that his father grew hemlock in the backwoods of "Mizzura."

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