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John Marston is a character originating from Red Dead Redemption, an open world game developed by Rockstar Games, in which he serves as the main protagonist of the game.


He makes a cameo as an optional parent character model of the player in Grand Theft Auto Online.

John Marston can be selected as a parent in Grand Theft Auto Online, but only if the player is a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club and has their Xbox Live gamertag/PSN username linked.



  • He makes a cameo in Grand Theft Auto V in a commercial for the beer Pißwasser riding his horse. This is an Easter Egg.
  • If spawned during gameplay using trainers, he will have no legs and no lower arms, making him look like floating mid-air. That's because the rest of his body never appears, but only the head and a bit of his chest. This is due to Rockstar making only part of him for the photo when choosing parents.


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