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Joni is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Joni is a female security manager who operates in Maisonette 9, along with Luis Lopez and Dessie.

Events of TBoGT

Joni works with Luis as part of the "Club Management" side-missions. Luis keeps in touch with her via headset whilst scanning the dance floor from the security room for trouble in the side-mission Club Management, telling Luis to check out certain areas where she sees disturbances.

Occasionally, Joni will offer Luis sexual favors such as a strip tease, giving him oral sex, or have quickies with him. Sometimes she will scold Luis if the player had sex with other women.

Mission appearances



  • Joni constantly teases Luis about his penis size. At the beginning of the club management missions, she will make comments such as "you have a great body L, shame about the little guy!"
  • Just like with any other club employee, killing Joni will cause her to respawn the next time you come back to Maisonette 9.
  • If you purchase the Episodes from Liberty City (disc version), it comes with a poster of Joni on one side, and a map of Liberty City on the other.
  • Also, if you buy The Complete Edition of GTA IV, a poster of Joni, Gracie, and Lola comes with it.
  • If you kill Joni and the guards with a knife, leave the room and come back in. Joni is sitting down as if nothing happened and the bodies will still be there.
  • Joni appears different in the artwork than she does in the game itself, with thinner lips and differently shaped eyes.
  • During normal gameplay Luis can kill Joni while hanging out at Maisonette 9.

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