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Josh Bernstein is a character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a real-estate agent living in Rockford Hills.

Events of GTA V

Josh is a Los Santos real-estate agent whose company is struggling because of the economy and whose own license has been revoked due to the actions of his former partner-turned rival. Trevor Philips first meets him outside of his soon-to-be foreclosed Rockford Hills mansion. There, Josh asks Trevor to sabotage the "For Sale" signs of Josh's former business partner Lenny Avery, which are located outside several of Avery's properites. In exchange, Josh will set up Trevor with "a hot lay." Trevor carries out this task and is indeed paid with a night at the Bilingsgate Motel with the women Josh had promised.

Josh soon calls upon Trevor's services again, asking him to threaten Lenny Avery into cutting down his sales. Josh once again promises Trevor a night with the same woman. After Trevor finds Avery, chases him across Vinewood Hills, wrecks his car and beats him up, Josh allows Trevor to sleep with the woman and now reveals that this woman was actually his wife, who's been prostituting herself so Josh can hire criminals to sabotage his competitors.

Josh asks Trevor for one last favor, asking him to burn down his Rockford Hills mansion before it's foreclosed upon so that he can claim the insurance. Trevor commits the arson and tries to meet Josh once again to get paid. However, on this final occasion, Josh has brought in the police and he accuses Trevor of being a stalker and of burning down Josh's home.

The two police officers attack Trevor while a terrified Josh tries to run for his car. The player can then choose to kill Josh or let him go to escape from the cops more quickly. However, killing Josh is neccesary for 100% completition on the mission.

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