Judge Grady is, in 2008, the host of the Just or Unjust talk show on WKTT. He is voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley.


Although unseen as a person, he speaks with a heavy African-American accent, suggesting he is a satire of judges such as Judge Mathis or Judge Joe Brown. He also mentions that he is politically right-wing.

Grady is an extremely misogynistic host who always favors the man in a case, while making sexual advances or mockery towards most of the women on the show while otherwise viewing them as inferior to men. He generally seems to have quite poor judgment; instead of actually ruling in favor of the plaintiff or defendant, Judge Grady forces both litigants to participate in a deadly contest, which is chosen by the courtroom audience to determine who wins the case. This is shown in one episode, where a man addicted to Loot and Wank shoots his wife, who blamed him for being abusive to her, and in another where both the plaintiff and defendant are mauled to death by lions in a gladiator-esque arena, with Grady allowing the audience to eat up what is left of the two.