The Jugular Jug Swinger is a sports car in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.


Grand Theft Auto: London

The Jug Swinger is designed as a convertible sports car with a Union Jack paint job. The car is in effect an open top variant of the Jaguar E-Type-based Jugular E, although the Jug Swinger features minor differences on the frontal fascia and a more angular back.

Whilst unlisted in GTA London 1961, the Jug Swinger does occasionally appear in traffic in the game and even appears as a destination to initiate a new mission string. The name of the car reflects the "swinging" lifestyle of the 1960s, when the UK's youth were experiencing a sexual revolution.

The car may also be based off the "Shaguar" from the "Austin Powers" movies, as it is completely identical to it and the Austin Powers version has the numberplate "Swinger".


Grand Theft Auto: London

The Jug Swinger's performance is considerably above average, with good top speed, acceleration, braking and handling, improved turning, and average grip.


Grand Theft Auto: London

  • The car's base import value is lower than the Jugular E's, fetching only £600 in mint condition.


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