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"The nasty proud foofooos, mmm, been making me boys shake de heads. Now they told the policeman where me been stashing me powders. Dey tink it drugs, them stupid. Now be a good boy Tommy and go and get the powders for Auntie Poulet."
Auntie Poulet.

Juju Scramble is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Haitian gang leader Auntie Poulet from her home in Little Haiti, Vice City.


Tommy is told to drop by Auntie Poulet's shack. Later on, she gives him some voodoo potion, and tasks him to collect three stashes dotted around Little Haiti. Under the effects of Auntie Poulet's potion, Tommy goes to retrieve the stashes for her. As he collects the first stash, on the roof of a building  near the Junkyard ,Tommy is ambushed by the cops but manages to escape them. Tommy then quickly grabs a vehicle and heads to the locations where the remaining stashes are located, one at an intersection in central Little Haiti, and one outside a building at the edge of little haiti,  while being pursued by the cops. After collecting all of them, Tommy heads back to Auntie Poulet's shack, completing the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get a car and drive to the first stash.
  • Kill the police then drive to the next stash.
  • Go to the last stash.
  • Return the stashes to Auntie Poulet.


  • The mission shares the name of the voice actor of Auntie Poulet, who is named Juju Scramble.
  • Tommy doesn't give the powders to Auntie Poulet right away. He hands them over to her at the begining of the next mission, Bombs Away! .
  • After the first stash is collected, a 2 star Wanted Level appears. Upon collecting the next stashes, the wanted level increases, making this mission somewhat timed, although the stashes and final destination are close to each other.
  • During this mission, no civilians walk the streets, and neither do policemen.

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