Julio after killing Joseph Womac in Eye in the Sky.

Julio Fabrizo

Julio Fabrizo seen from closer angle

Julio Fabrizo is a minor character and a pimp in Grand Theft Auto V, that is only seen in Eye in the Sky for a small moment. In Eye in the Sky, he kills Joseph Womac in front of his Prostitute, Melisa Porche, for an unknown reason, Melisa says he's overprotective and that he killed her other customers too. When he's scanned, one can see he was charged with Resisting Arrest.

Mission Appearances

Murders Committed

  • Joseph Womac, shot for an unknown reason after having sex with his prostitute.
  • Melisa's other customers (possibly)


  • If enabling all the phone contacts using save editors, a contact named "Julio Fabrizo" can be found. It is possible that he had a larger role in the beta version of the game. Also, in the game files there is a Random Event described as a pimp and a whore fighting. It is possible that after that random event his phone number could be obtained by the player.