Tommy Vercetti enters Ken Rosenberg's office and sees Ken asleep on the sofa. Tommy slams the door, which startles Ken.
Ken Aaah! Oh, for God's sake, it's you! Oh Jeez - I'm gonna need new pants! Hey, those psychos from up north - they've been on the horn, and they're coming down here soon. Now where is the goddamn money?!
Tommy Relax, relax. We're not at that part yet.
Ken Ohhh...I thought you were taking care of this, I really did! And now those guidos say we gotta do them a favour.
Tommy You mean I gotta do 'em a favour.
Ken Oh, of course that's what I mean. Do I look like I could intimidate a jury? I couldn't intimidate a child - and believe me, I've tried. Now, look. It's either that, or Forelli's cousin, Giorgio, gets five years for fraud. You gotta take these guys OUT!
Tommy I understand. Help the jury change their minds. Don't worry about it.
Ken No no no no no - NO! I tried that. The jury case didn't go so well, so MAKE them change their minds.
Tommy leaves Ken's office.
Tommy Hooray, more crap to wipe up. What did I do wrong in a past life?
Outside Ken's office. A construction worker standing on the pavement gets run over by a car. The car's driver exits and flees the scene. Tommy collects the dead worker's hammer
Tommy Dumb Florida moron!
Tommy drives to a high-rise building in Vice Point and begins smashing up a Sentinel belonging to one of the jurors. The juror arrives and sees Tommy smashing up his car.
Juror I can't believe this is happening!
Tommy Not guilty, understand? Good.
The juror runs away screaming.
Tommy drives to a café in Ocean Beach and sees the other juror talking to a woman. The juror spots Tommy and attempts to drive off in his car, but crashes into a passing truck. Tommy smashes up the juror's car and the juror exits.
Tommy Innocent until I say otherwise.
The juror runs away screaming.