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"Hey look, if you hear shit start to pop off, I want you to come in there blasting, alright?"
Big Smoke

Just Business is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Big Smoke from his home in Idlewood.


Carl drops by Big Smoke's house and finds him in the garage. They agree to take a ride somewhere, as Smoke has business to take care of. They head to Commerce and Big Smoke enters the Atrium. After a brief moment, a shootout is heard inside, and Carl quickly rushes inside, protecting Smoke from attacking Russian Mafia goons. Once all of the Russians are killed, the two hop on a BF-400 and attempt to escape. Carl acts as the shooter, killing as many enemies as possible. On the way, they jump over the ramp of a Packer to escape a roadblock, causing all of the Russians there to be obliterated in a huge explosion, however the bike survives. After a long chase, Big Smoke rides through an alley in East Beach. The two have lost all the Russians, agreeing to split up.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Big Smoke to Downtown.
  • Protect Big Smoke from the Russians.
  • Follow Big Smoke and protect him from the Russians.
  • Protect the bike from the Russians.

Obtain a unique-color/unique-wheeled BF-400

Video Walkthroughs


  • The scene in the mission featuring a Packer jumping off a surface road in slow motion into a storm drain channel, which Big Smoke and CJ are using to escape, is a nod to a similar scene in 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where a large tow-truck (driven by a Terminator) executes a similar stunt as it is pursuit of John Connor (also riding a motorcycle). This scene was also featured in the second San Andreas trailer.
  • The woman CJ flirts with when he arrives at the Atrium bears a strong resemblance to Catherine Tramell from the movie Basic Instinct.
  • The BF-400 in this mission has the license plate reading "IMY AK" (Similar to the Feltzer in End of the Line and Cheetah when player bought it at Easter Basin Docks).
  • The song at the start of the cutscene is "The Vapors" by Biz Markie. This song can also be heard on Playback FM.
  • The stunt jumps executed by Big Smoke in this mission will be included in the player's stats, even though Carl is not driving.
  • This mission is similar to TLAD mission Shifting Weight where Johnny shoots at the LCPD while on a motorcycle and acting as the shooter (since Johnny's bike got destroyed before the chase).
  • When CJ and Big Smoke get onto the BF-400 to escape, the radio starts playing Radio X.
  • The player's SMG weapon slot is replaced with a Micro SMG when the gunfight begins, and once again when the motorbike chase begins with an infinite ammo one.
    • Therefore, there is no point to save SMG ammo, as it will be reset to 80 after this mission.
    • During the bike chase, if the player activates a cheat to change the Micro SMG into either a Tec-9 or a SMG, they'll not only be able to shoot with a different weapon, but will receive infinite ammo for the Micro SMG after the mission is over.


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