Start the mission, then drive to the Atrium. Kill all the russians inside, then once outside, kill the two Russian Mafia members who would attack Big Smoke. As soon as done, jump off the fence and let Big Smoke fight the Russians alone (He will not die). Run to Commerce's Roboi Food Mart and steal the BMX. Use the BMX to go straight toward the direction of Ammu-nation in Market, until you find a vehicle (becareful, sometimes Tahoma or Savanna may spawn). Now the challenge is depending on your luck, if Big Smoke finishes the shootout or not (although he will survive). Once done, take the vehicle to Transfender in Rodeo. Wait until Big Smoke is done, then a cutscene showing Carl Johnson and Big Smoke in an invisible BF-400. Wait until you make it under the Red Checkpoint. As soon as done, choose the wheels and colors quickly, and the game will state that Big Smoke died. The player would spawn inside the Transfender garage in the unique BF-400, in the back seat (Although leaving and then re-entering the bike would give the ability to drive) and infinite Micro-SMG ammo. All of those stats are savable.