Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home. He looks for Big Smoke in the garage near the house, but finds nothing, so he decides to knock on the back door of the house.
Big Smoke Hey, CJ, baby, wassup man?
CJ What's happening, Smoke?
Big Smoke Chillin'. Wanna go for a ride?
CJ Yeah
Big Smoke You drive.
CJ A'ight.
Big Smoke We're going downtown.
CJ and Big Smoke drive in Big Smoke's Glendale to Commerce.
CJ This better not be another cop errand, man.
Big Smoke Nah, man, this is strictly for the homies. I gotta be honest with you, CJ. We could be gettin' into some heavy shit, baby.
CJ What you into, Smoke?
Big Smoke Lot a shit 'bout to go down, Carl. Families coming back, Ballas pushing base, Russian cats with nothin' to lose about to bust some ass.
CJ Russians?
Big Smoke Now all my life I been told to fear Ruskies, but I ain't never even met one. Then the wall comes down and we're all supposed to be friends. Five minutes later, my cousin gets laid out by some Ruskie fresh of the boat.
CJ For real?
Big Smoke For real!
CJ and Big Smoke stop near the Atrium and go to the main entrance.
Big Smoke Look Carl, before I walk in there I just need to know you down with this shit, man.
CJ Look, Smoke, we go way back. We Groves, man!
Big Smoke That's what I'm talking about, that's my dog! Hey look, if you hear shit starting to pop off, come in there blasting, a'ight?
CJ I'm down, dog. *Smoke goes in and Carl notices a girl sitting not far away* Hey, baby, wanna company?
Big Smoke Motherfuckers!
CJ runs inside Atrium and sees Big Smoke being attacked by Russians.
Big Smoke CJ, get in there - oh there you are! Use some cover, they're blasting like fools in this motherfucker! Ice those fools, CJ!
Russian Big Smoke, you made big mistake!
Big Smoke Watch yourself, CJ, I think they's pissed! CJ, take the right and cover my ass! Keep it up, baby! That's my dog, makin' y'all pay! Stick with me CJ, we outta here, baby!
CJ and Big Smoke fight their way inside the building and exit through the back, where more Russian are waiting for them.
Big Smoke Stick real close, Carl! Keep your head down, the air is sick as shit in here.
Russian Smoke, you and your friend are dead men!
Big Smoke Back me up! That's my homie, CJ! Ha! Ha ha ha, you ice cold, baby!
After Carl and Smoke kill everyone, they hop on BF-400. Smoke drives through parking lot and into the street, while CJ shooting.
CJ They after us on a bike, Smoke!
Big Smoke Waste any motherfucker that follows us!
CJ Shit, man, they coming fo' us in a truck!
Big Smoke Don't tell me about it, take it off the road! Pop it! Damn, look at all this traffic - GET OUTTA THE WAY! I'm coming through!
CJ We got bikes on our six - smash it Smoke!
Big Smoke Hold on tight, baby! *Jump on the top of two parked buses*
CJ Ah, Smoke! NOOOOOOO! *Packer hits the bus on intersection* Ah, they hit a bus!
Big Smoke Ha ha, I'll never dis public transportation again! *Got trapped in roadblock* Damn, road-blocked!
CJ Ah, Smoke! These cats is organised. It's something you ain't tellin' me man!
Big Smoke Look, Carl, all I know is they're real pissed with us right now! Hold on though, I got a idea.
CJ and Smoke trying to escape using Flood Control System, but Russians continue to chase them there.
CJ Smoke, what you thinking? Flood control's a dead end, man!
Big Smoke To hell with that, we had to lose those cars, don't worry about that. I know the way out, up past Grove street.
CJ The old sewer tunnel? Oh man...
Big Smoke Watch our backs!
CJ Smoke, it's more bikes! *Suddenly Packer appears again* Oh shit, now the truck's found us again!
Big Smoke Man, stop being so negative! Focus on the good news!
CJ Such as?
Big Smoke We ain't dead yet, and your trigger finger still works, fool! I think the gearbox is screwed up on this thing! I can't get no speed!
CJ Yeah, who negative now, bitch?
Big Smoke Point taken, I'll keep my mouth shut from now on. *One of the cars falls from Packer* OH SHIT!
CJ Oh man, the cars found a ramp!
Big Smoke Don't tell me about it, shoot! Hold on! *Another car falls from Packer*
CJ Get us up that ramp!
Big Smoke I'm on it, baby!
CJ We still got bikes on us, man!
Big Smoke Man, quit bitchin' and shoot as many of them assholes as you can! Fools totaled their truck!
CJ Go around 'em, man!
Big Smoke Screw that, we're taking the scenic route! *Smoke uses Packer to jump over the roadblock. After that it blows up, killing everybody near.* Fry, motherfuckers! That's the old sewer up ahead! Shoot out the gate!
Big Smoke *If CJ fails to shoot the gate* THE GATE, CARL! THE GATE!
Big Smoke *If CJ shoots the gate* Nice one, CJ, here we go!
CJ Man, I used to hate this tunnel when we was kids.
Big Smoke Hey, we can reminisce later, we still got company!
CJ Don't these guys ever give up?
CJ and Smoke finally manage to lose Russians. They stop at parking lot in East Beach
CJ We lost 'em, Smoke!
Big Smoke Man, we better split up. I'll take it another block and dump it. Man, that was some crazy shit back there!
CJ Yeah, for sure. Listen we can't hang around here - I'll see you later, homie.
Big Smoke Much love, baby!