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K-DST "The Dust" is Los Santos-based classic/driving rock station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - hosted by Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith (voiced by W. Axl Rose). Smith doesn't like Sage, the DJ of Radio X, ironic because Radio X plays "Welcome to the Jungle", a song Axl Rose sang and helped write. It is one of the radio stations the Los Santos Vagos listen to.

The promos on the station include such humorous phrases as "When all your friends from the '70s have gone to rehab, we strongly urge you to stay on The Dust." This gonzo sense of humor is also evident in several things the host, Tommy Smith, says, such as "You can cry about the miscarriage or you can keep on drinking." and "If you're just coming to consciousness in a strange bed next to a fat chick with underwear and beer cans scattered across the floor, run the hell out and get to the clinic" or even "It's not every day you hear that record-- wait, yes it is. I love it.", the latter being an apparent reference to the ever-looping songs of the in-game radios, as their playlists and talking lines aren't updated everyday like radio stations are.

Playlist for K-DST


  • The station, although it plays classic rock, has been around for 22 years in 1992, suggesting it played the "Modern Rock" of the era in which K-DST started, or that it had played 50's or 60's rock in the 70's.
  • The station features a call in system of sorts, although all the callers negatively criticise Tommy's DJ skills.
  • K-DST is the default radio station for all aircrafts except Andromada and Skimmer, which play Radio X  and CSR 103.9 respectively.
  • There is an ironic phrase said by the host after the song "Green River" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. He says "This is a plaid shirt free zone. We're rockers, people. Not lumberjacks". The writer/singer of the song, John Fogerty, wore plaid shirts in concerts, and he is often seen wearing one in pictures taken of him.


K-DST - GTA San Andreas FULL01:03:07

K-DST - GTA San Andreas FULL

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