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{{Infobox radio station
#REDIRECT [[K-Rose]]
|name = K Rose
|image = K-Rose.jpg
|location = [[The Big Ear]]/[[Bone County]], [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]]
|genre = Classic Country
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]
|host = [[Mary-Beth Maybell]]}}
'''K Rose''' is a country music [[Radio Stations in GTA San Andreas|station]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], hosted by [[Mary-Beth Maybell]]. Maybell plays music from the 1950s to the 1980s. None of the music used for this station was made in [[1992]], which is the setting of GTA San Andreas. The station broadcasts from somewhere in the desert, possibly from the radio tower by [[The Big Ear]]. Mary-Beth Maybell will sometimes play a harmonica in her pants.
* Jerry Reed - Amos Moses (1970)
* Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn - Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (1973)
* Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin' (1951)
* Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts (1981)
* Statler Brothers - New York City (1970)
* Asleep At The Wheel - The Letter That Johnny Walker Read (1975)
* The Desert Rose Band - One Step Forward (1987)
* Willie Nelson - Crazy (1961)
* Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes In The Ashtray (1957)
* Statler Brothers - Bed of Roses (1970)
* Mickey Gilley - Make The World Go Away (1965)
* Ed Bruce - Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (1975)
* Merle Haggard - Always Wanting You (1975)
* Whitey Shafer - All My Exes Live In Texas (1987)
* Eddie Rabbitt - I Love A Rainy Night (1980)
[[File:K-Rose Full GTA play Radio HD - 50 minutes|thumb|center|501 px|GTA San Andreas K-Rose]]
== Trivia ==
*K Rose is the only country radio station in recent [[Grand Theft Auto]] games.
*Oddly, the track New York City was not listed in the included booklet guide for the first [[PlayStation 2|PS2]] version. It was however included in later versions.
*The name of the station is a possible reference to [[Ken Rosenberg|'''K'''en '''Rose'''nberg]] or his company,''' '''[[K. Rosenberg & Co.|'''K'''. '''Rose'''nberg & Co.]]
*[[Mary-Beth Maybell|Mary-Beth]] says after the song "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" that she had never been east of the [[wp:Mississippi River|Mississippi River]], but after another song, she starts talking about belt buckles, and she says she "bought a huge one in Florida the size of a hubcap." This is most likely due to the idiotic culture of being a redneck.
*After [[Carl Johnson|CJ]] begins to start missions with [[Catalina]], Mary-Beth mentions about a rumor she heard about a young couple stealing across [[State of San Andreas|the state]]. It could be reference to CJ and Catalina stealing from stores across [[Red County]].
*Besides weather reports, Mary-Beth will comment on storyline events.
*There is a real world radio station called "[[wp:K-LOVE|K-LOVE]]", which was founded in 1982. The name might have been inspired by it, but it's unknown.
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