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Kakagawa (Japanese Katakana: カカガワ) is a Japanese electronics company that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasGrand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


In GTA IV, Kakagawa manufacturers various computers, printers, hand dryers, police radios, cash registers, jukeboxes, and has shipping containers across Liberty City. Kakagawa's headquarters are located on Myung, Alderney City, Alderney, near the Auto Eroticar dealership, and they also have a large warehouse in the LVA Freight Depot, Las Venturas, San Andreas.

Products (A-Z)

3D Universe

  • Unknown electronic products (SA)

HD Universe

  • Kakagawa TV (IV)
  • Kakagawa Cashstar Cash Register (IV)
  • Kakagawa Computer (IV)
  • Kakagawa Hand Dryer (IV)
  • Kakagawa Music Ultra-Pro (IV)
  • Kakagawa Power Ultra 3000 Pro Photocopier (IV) (V)
  • Kakagawa Police Radio (IV) (V)
  • Kakagawa Printer (IV)
  • Kakagawa Shower (IV)


  • The company could be based on the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki. Despite the real-life company's line of business being manufacturing heavy machinery such as military and civilian vehicles, they both have similar names and logos.
  • Inside various interiors, you may see a Kakagawa Power Ultra 3000 Pro. The screen of the photocopier has an Easter egg as the screen reads: ERROR Unleash ninja guru lol.
  • The Cashstar's logo is made using the Pricedown font (which is used in Grand Theft Auto's main logo). Plus, the name is a nod to Grand Theft Auto's developers and publishers, Rockstar Games.
  • The Power Ultra 3000 Pro printer makes an appearance as an easter egg in another Rockstar production, Max Payne 3.


There are a few different possible origins for the company's name:

  • The name may have been derived from the Japanese city of Kakegawa, where there is a factory that makes glass for televisions. It may also be a play on words for the Kanagawa Prefecture, a large prefecture just north of Tokyo in the Kanto Region of Japan.
  • As "kaka" may have been derived from "cack", i.e. "shit", and as "gawa" means "river" in Japanese, the name may be a play on the phrase "shit creek".
  • In the Filipino language "kakagawa" translates to "just made" in English.


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