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"I do not go down so easy."
―Kalem to Niko Bellic.

Kalem is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV and a cameo character in The Lost and Damned.

The voice actor for Kalem is unknown, as he isn't credited.



Kalem is an Albanian criminal based in Broker, Liberty City. He is an enforcer for the Albanian Mob and associated with Dardan Petrela and Bledar Morina, two higher-ranking members of the mob. He appears to serve as an extra muscle in their loan sharking business.

Events of GTA IV

"I will beat you like I beat your cousin!"
―Kalem to Niko.

When Roman Bellic, who owes money for Dardan, can't repay the debt, Bledar and Kalem take him out to the basketball courts in Firefly Projects, and begin to beat him out, despite Roman's begs that he didn't mean to had Dardan attacked in a previous incident.

Roman's cousin - Niko Bellic - shortly arrives to the place where he confronts Kalem and Bledar. Bledar orders Kalem to keep an eye on Roman while he'll deal with Niko. When Bledar falls against Niko, Kalem decides to attack Niko, but is killed or incapacitated as well, during a fist fight.


The Lost And Damned


  • Kalem means 'pencil' or 'pen' in most Middle Eastern languages.
  • Unlike other criminals in GTA IV, including his associates, Kalem doesn't have an LCPD record.
  • Kalem does not have a unique character model and instead uses a generic albanian ped model. the same goes for Preston Pecinovsky.
  • Kalem's jacket is almost identical to the Albanian biker jacket unlocked in "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle", but with a red sleeveline instead of black.
  • Kalem may shout during his fight with Niko that he is a brother of Dardan. It is unknown if he means this figuratively or literally. It could be also possible that he may be a step-brother of Dardan.
  • During the fight, after being beaten up, Kalem lies on the ground, but is still alive. It is unknown if he is alive, or dead, because his partners have a record on the LCPD Database which confirms them being dead, but Kalem himself doesn't.


  1. Given the fact that both Dardan and Bledar were born in Albania, it can be assumed that the same goes for Kalem.


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