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Kanbu (Japanese: 幹部) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III. A member of Yakuza and also an associate and possible relative of Yakuza co-leader Kenji Kasen, he speaks briefly in Japanese during his appearance in the mission Kanbu Bust-out.


Kanbu was born and raised in Liberty City, a high ranking associate and possible relative of Yakuza co-leader Kenji Kasen.

Events of GTA III

Kanbu was later arrested for an unknown crime and was scheduled to go on trial before being broken out of a Liberty City Police Department prison cell by Claude on orders from Kenji. After rescuing the Kanbu, Claude drives him to the Hyaku Dojo in Bedford Point. Kanbu may have joined Claude in his assault against several Cartel members.

Mission Appearances



  • His name means executive in Japanese.


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