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Not to be confused with Karen.


Karin (Japanese: カリン) (pronounced 'kah·rin') is a Japanese automotive company in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto.


The company is most likely based on the real-life manufacturer Toyota since most Karin cars are inspired by Toyota models. The Sultan RS and Korean Mob Sultan, including the original Sultan, are similar in design to modified Subarus, as well as taking inspiration from the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS300, and the Intruder is based on an Infiniti model, though it has design cues from the Toyota MarkII and the Lexus LS430 (third gen). The Kuruma is based on Mitsubishi and Subaru models, with little resemblance to a Toyota model.


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes

The Asterope in Grand Theft Auto V.

Asterope Mid-size sedan 2006–2011 Toyota Camry

The BeeJay XL in Grand Theft Auto V.

BeeJay XL Mid-size SUV 2006-2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Dilettante in Grand Theft Auto V.

Dilettante 5-door hybrid hatchback 2003-2009 Toyota Prius

The Futo in Grand Theft Auto V.

Futo Compact sports coupe 1983-1987 Toyota AE86 Corolla Levin

The Intruder in Grand Theft Auto V.

Intruder Sports sedan 2001-2006 Infiniti Q45

The Kuruma in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Kuruma (Armored) in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Kuruma Sports sedan Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X(overall shape and front)
2015 Subaru Impreza (rear)
Added in the Heists Update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The clean Rebel in Grand Theft Auto V.


The beater Rebel in Grand Theft Auto V.

Rebel Pickup truck Fourth gen Toyota Hilux

The Sultan in Grand Theft Auto V.

Sultan Sports sedan Lexus IS300
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V

The Sultan RS in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Sultan RS 2-door sports tuner Lexus IS300
Toyota Altezza
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V
Based on the Sultan. Returns in the January 2016 Update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Technical in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Technical Technical pickup truck Based on the Rebel. Added in the Heists Update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


Karin Performance


The Karin Performance livery applied to the Sultan RS.

Karin Performance, Karin Auto Racing Performance and Karin Automobiles are a racing division of Karin. They are responsible for the livery under the same name which can be applied to the Sultan RS in GTA Online. The livery is based on the Subaru Impreza WRX World Rally Team skin, suggesting the division is based on the Subaru World Rally Team.


The rally team appears to have many companies sponsoring them as seen on their Sultan RS livery, including:


  • "Karin" is a Japanese word for Red Sandalwood.
  • Karin having vehicles with Subaru designs despite being based on Toyota makes sense in that, as of today, Toyota owns a large portion of share of Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru's parent company).
  • Karin is pronounced as Kareen by a Karin sponsor on Fame or Shame, but it is pronounced as "Karen" during the advertisement for the Dilettante featured in GTA IV.
    • The name might also be a reference to Toyota's Carina series.


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