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The Kart is a go-kart featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Kart is a small low-profile go-kart with one seat. The vehicle is usually depicted with bare frame and a frontal bumper, but may also be available with additional matching side skirts. Other features include its rear engine and small racing slicks.


The Kart has average speed, good acceleration and good off-roading. It is compact and capable of making sharp turns. although it can oversteer. Its low profile and light weight makes ordinarily small obstacles more dangerous.

The Kart is classed as a car, like the Mower, so CJ does not fall out of his seat when the vehicle flips over.



The Kart only spawns at specific areas in San Andreas after the mission "Cut Throat Business". These locations include:

Before "Cut Throat Business", the Kart is also used as the principal racing vehicle for "Go-Go Karting", a race in Doherty in the San Fierro leg of Race Tournaments.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • The Kart is used in the mission Cut Throat Business, in the second chase part of OG Loc. OG Loc uses a full-bodywork version, while Carl and Madd Dogg use stripped-down Karts.


  • The Kart plays the radio station Radio X by default when entered.
  • The Kart is able to drive under other vehicles with high ground clearance such as the Tanker trailer and Monster.
  • The Kart's handling is similar to the "Perfect Handling" cheat.
  • The Kart will lose its side bumpers if it is saved in a garage.

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