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The Kasen family in GTA III Era games may refers to below characters:

  • Kenji Kasen, leader of Yakuza, brother of Asuka Kasen and Kazuki Kasen. Father of Yuka.
  • Asuka Kasen, sister of Kazuki Kasen and Kenji Kasen. Aunt of Yuka.
  • Yuka, possible daughter of Kenji Kasen, niece of Asuka Kasen, Kazuki Kasen, Toshiko Kasen, and Kanbu.
  • Kazuki Kasen, Toshiko Kasen's husband. Brother of Kenji Kasen and Asuka Kasen. Uncle of Yuka.
  • Toshiko Kasen, wife of Kazuki Kasen, sister-in-law of Kenji Kasen, Asuka Kasen, aunt of Yuka and possible relative of Kanbu.
  • Kanbu possible relative of the Kasens.
  • Kenji's unnamed wife.

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