The exterior of Katie Zhan's House.

Katie Zhan's House is, in 1992, the home of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character Katie Zhan and is located in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro. Her Romero is parked outside her garage door. The interior of the house can be viewed used the Hidden Interior's Universe modification. The interior was removed along with the "Hot Coffee" mini-game, which sparked controversy.

A benefit of dating Katie is Carl receives free hospital care (and gets to keep his weapons after being wasted). After this point, if he is wasted in San Fierro, instead of respawning in front of the hospital, Carl will instead spawn in front of Katie's house.



  • When the player begins dating Katie, a popup message will say you can pick her up from her place in Paradiso. While her house is very close to the border between the two districts, she does in fact live in Juniper Hollow.