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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Zebra Cab]], another taxicab variant in GTA Vice City.
* [[Zebra Cab]], another taxicab variant in GTA Vice City.
* [[Cabbie]], another taxi cab
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{{Gtavc vehicles}}

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The Kaufman Cab is a taxi in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City based on the game's Cabbie, which is used by the Kaufman Cabs company in Little Haiti.


The Kaufman Cab differs from the standard Cabbie (run by Vice City Cabs) only in its weight (the Kaufman Cab is lighter, giving it better acceleration), the "Kaufman Cabs" livery on its side, and its engine sound (unlike the Cabby, it emits the sound of a high-performance engine — nonetheless, it has the same top speed).

Prior to the Kaufman Cabs missions, the Kaufman Cab has a standard radio; during and after these missions, however, a dispatch radio is heard, with Kaufman Cabs dispatcher Delores communicating with the other drivers.


Rear quarter view

See also

  • Zebra Cab, another taxicab variant in GTA Vice City.
  • Cabbie, another taxi cab

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