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Kayla Paulo is a celebrity in Grand Theft Auto IV, appearing in television programs such as in the opening credits of I'm Rich and an episode of Fizz!.


Kayla Paulo was born in 1987 to father Jamie Paulo, a future Las Venturas casino billionaire similar to Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn or Phil Ruffin. As early as 2002, she was enrolled in Bullworth Academy (a la Bully, another Rockstar Games video game) in New England. There, she met her best friend and fellow billionaire heiress Jill Von Crastenburg (although Jill is many years younger than her).

Events of GTA IV

She currently lives in San Andreas, visiting Liberty City quite often (where Jill lives). She became a famous reality television personality on I'm Rich, and later her own X reality show dubbed Keeping up with Kayla (parody of Keeping up with the Kardashians). Despite spectacular ratings, it was cancelled after 1 season because Kayla wanted to film season 2 on Mars. Also to get attention, she frequently throws tantrums in front of paparazzi. She is extremely distant from her father (who lives in one of his own Las Venturas hotel suites) and barely speaks to him. Despite being prepared to inherit over $1 billion, says she is more white trash than Tyler Dixon.

Lifestyle and Extravagance

In addition to monolithic Las Venturas casinos, the family owns at least three large mansions - a 123 room estate in Richman, Los Santos, a large home in Calton Heights, San Fierro and a private island in the North Pacific.

Kayla herself is a regular on the Vinewood party scene, frequenting Studio 69 (a 69 sexual parody of Studio 54). She has 35 limitless credit cards, a wardrobe worth $25 million, and a jumbo jet with its own lap pool and nightclub.


  • Kayla can be seen in the opening credits of I'm Rich; she is wearing a bucket hat, sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.
  • Her mansion can be found in GTA San Andreas.
  • She has has long blonde hair, smooth porcine skin and crystal blue eyes.
  • Kayla can be seen on posters around the I'm Rich billboard in Lower Algonquin.


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