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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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Kill Quota is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Bikers update. Released on November 22. 2016.


"It's murder-by-numbers in Kill Quota, the newest team-based GTA Online Adversary Mode for up to 16 players across 2-4 teams. Starting off with a high-powered weapon from one of four distinct loadout options, each team must hit the designated body count before advancing to a more challenging and less powerful armament, culminating with a final, one-hit-kill melee round. The first team to successfully cycle through all six weapons in a match (or have the highest count at the end of the time limit) wins."
Rockstar Newswire description.


Kill Quota allows up to sixteen players across multiple teams to use one of four weapon loadouts consisting of six weapons each. Players must reach a kill quota in order to switch to the next weapon. To win, an entire team has to reach the kill quota for all weapons in their loadout until they reach the melee weapon. When this happens, one kill to the opposing team(s) will win the round for that player. If a player commits suicide they will lose a kill towards the quota. If the teams are tied after the time runs out then a sudden death round takes place where the team with the next kill will win the round.

Weapon Loadouts


There are seven Kill Quota missions in GTA Online, each taking place in a different location, which are as follows:

Image Location
KillQuota-GTAO-AdversaryMode Kill Quota I takes place in Legion Square, Downtown Los Santos.
KillQuota-GTAO-LaFuenta Kill Quota II takes place at La Fuente Blanca, a ranch which Martin Madrazo owns in the Vinewood Hills, Los Santos County.
KillQuota-GTAO-SenoraDesert Kill Quota III takes place in the Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County just north of a purchasable 2 car garage located at 197 Route 68 in Harmony, and to the East of Joshua Road.
KillQuota-GTAO-PaletoBay Kill Quota IV takes place in Paleto Bay, Blaine County. The boundaries are Procopio Drive to the North East and the North West, Great Ocean Highway to the South East, and just on the other side of Willie's Supermarket.
KillQuota-GTAO-Alta Kill Quota V takes place at the STD Contractors construction site in Alta, Vinewood. The boundaries are Occupation Avenue to the North, Alta Street to the West, Power Street to the East, and Del Perro Freeway to the South.
KillQuota-GTAO-ULSA Kill Quota VI takes place on the University of San Andreas campus in Richman.
KillQuota-GTAO-LSIA Kill Quota VII takes place at LSIA.

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  • Kill Quota seems to be based on Gun Game from Call of Duty.
    • While this is the case, Gun Game starts with players using weaker weapons and progressing towards stronger weapons.
  • This is the second Adversary Mode to feature the Railgun, the other being Beast vs. Slasher.