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Knife after Dark 2

The poster for Knife After Dark.

Knife After Dark is a horror film heard advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, parodying slasher films of the early 1980s. The movie tells the story of a young teenager who goes on a killing spree, and is rated "R for Retarded". A line in the trailer, "I didn't know it was hockey season", appears to pay reference to the Friday the 13th films, where the main antagonist wears a hockey mask. On Pressing Issues, Jan Brown mentions that she won't let her children watch the movie. The film is advertised on the radio and has its own tagline and rating.

Radio Advertisement

Male: He was just the boy next door…

Old Male (in Southern accent): Hi! Well hello there Danny! I didn’t know it was hockey season.

Boy: Hey can I borrow a knife!

Male: A deadly curse, a deranged killer, a small town in tears! Knife After Dark, rated R for Retarded.

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