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The Korean Mob, or Kkangpae, in Grand Theft Auto V can be found on Ginger St in Little Seoul, usually by the apartment complex across the street from the car wash/convenience store. Like most gangs, they will become hostile and shoot if the player hangs around too close. They will also attack the The Hen House business of Paleto Bay whether it belongs to Michael, Franklin, or Trevor.


The term Kkangpae (깡패) literally means "thug" in the Korean language, and it usually refers to unorganized street gangs that may be linked to the Korean Mob. However, if part of the Korean Mob, they are almost always at the bottom of the hierarchy. The Korean Mob is a large South Korean mafia organization that not only operates domestically in Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, but also internationally in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.




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