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The Koresh Square

Koresh Square is a street in Alderney City, Alderney. Many Koreans live here. There are many inaccessible shops, such as Clothing USA, Schlongberg Sachs, Health Food, Army Navy and a coffee shop. There is also one stunt jump in the area, which Niko can partake in with a fast car or motorcycle. Koresh Square is not far from Niko's Alderney Safehouse. Like a number of others streets in Alderney City, Koresh Square is named after a cult leader, in this case David Koresh.

Mission Appearances

Koresh Square appears in Out of Commission when Niko meets Little Jacob and Roman Bellic in a sedan in Koresh Square. Niko, Jacob, and Roman chase some goons that eventually lead them to Jimmy Pegorino.

Koresh Square appears in A Revenger's Tragedy when Niko meets Little Jacob in a sedan in Koresh Square. Niko and Jacob chase some goons that eventually lead the duo to Dimitri Rascalov.

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