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Krapea store in GTA IV.

Krapea is a major furniture manufacturer in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a parody of Swedish manufacturer IKEA, and instead of manufacturing high quality furniture out of durable materials, Krapea manufactures low grade furniture out of poor materials, such as driftwood or brittle plastic. Krapea also names their furniture after what they claim are Swedish curse words, thinking Americans are too stupid to realize. Their website is Some of the products depicted on the website are the "Slapdash" inflatable dining table and the "Shoddi" bed. The Krapea logo can be found on some Steed trucks. The beginning of the name sounds phonetically like 'crap', as in the materials used are a pile of crap. A Krapea store can be seen on the northeastern corner of Frankfort Avenue, and Hematite Street, in the construction site. Their motto is "We fake it, you make it".

Their name might be a combination of 'crap' and 'Ikea'.

Krapea is a play on word of 'Crappy'.

The inferior part of their website has the Krapea name with the K and the A cut, so at simple glance the player may read "Rape".

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