Lârss & Elbö is a variety store chain in Grand Theft Auto V.


Lârss & Elbö has two stores in Los Santos. One of them is located on Hawick Avenue in Hawick between Alta Street and Alta Place, and the other one can be found at the Prosperity Street Promenade in Del Perro.

The store on Hawick Avenue offers customers a six-space parking lot, with five dedicated to staff. Outside the building are wooden benches, a United States Post mailbox and vending machines dispensing the Daily Constitutional newspapers. From observation, the store sells red, black, green and blue Ranch clothing on the ground floor.

The Del Perro store has no visible interior but the textures visible at night show furniture and furnishings.



The store could be a parody of BoConcept or Bang & Olufsen. It could also be based on Danish furniture store Jysk, which is one of Ikea's main competitors.


  • The company's name comes from the expression "Not know one's arse from one's elbow", meaning a very stupid person.
  • Judging by its name, it is probably a Scandinavian company.
  • Some billboards advertising the brand read 'Cut the Krapea' and Krapea's own billboards also mention Lârss & Elbö as a competitor, reinforcing the fact that they sell furniture as well as the clothing seen in Hawick.