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The LCPD DataBase in the in-game Internet Browser.

The LCPD Database is an online database of criminals that is found on the official WebSite of the Liberty City Police Department in Grand Theft Auto IV. Many characters from the game are profiled in this DataBase, below is a list of the characters in alphabetical order on the left and their place of birth on the right. A humorous detail about the site is that the LCPD haven't actually restricted the DataBase to authorized people (people with a password), but instead have a warning at the top of the page that it is to be used by the LCPD only (noted at the top left corner as "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY"). There is also a less detailed version accessible from the Police Computer inside any Police Car.

It should be noted that the characters list is not extensive. Not all the characters featured in Grand Theft Auto IV are included despite some committing criminal acts prior; certain characters featured in the downloadable content (DLC) for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost And Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony may also be absent, presumably because the characters were only created during development of the DLCs, after the database list in Grand Theft Auto IV was finalized.

After the mission Blood Brothers, if the player chose to kill Derrick McReary, Francis will send you an e-mail with an easy-to-access link to the database with "Those Who Have Strayed From The Path" as a subject line.


Name Place of Birth
 Allen, Marnie  Midwest
 Ancelloti, Gracie  Alderney City, Alderney
 Ancelloti, Giovanni  Naples, Italy
 Andrews, Jermaine  Broker, Liberty City
 Arnold, Lester  San Fierro
 Asaltacunas, Ernesto  Santa Clara, Cuba
 Austin, Luther  Midwest
 Barbosa, Johnny "Spaz"  Alderney City, Alderney
 Bardas, Mallorie  Puerto Rico
 Bell, Phil  Alderney City, Alderney
 Bellic, Roman  Unknown
 Bellic, Niko  Unknown
 Benavidez, Teddy  Dominican Republic
 Boccino, Ray  Westdyke, Alderney
 Botino, Sammy  Little Italy, Liberty City in HD Universe
 Bridges, Marlon  Northwood, Liberty City
 Bulgarin, Ray  Unknown
 Butler, Ashley  Acter, Alderney
 Bytchkov, Ivan  Russia
 Chilton, Alexandra "Alex"  Middle Park East, Liberty City
 Cleethorpes, Lyle  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Corrado, Anthony  Westdyke, Liberty City
 Corrola, Joe  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Crane, Bernie  Unknown
 D'Avanzo, Rudy  Liberty City
 Del Rio, Lola  San Fierro
 DiLeo, Joe "Tuna"  Alderney City, Alderney
 Dimayev, Adam  Russia
 Dixon, Tyler  Dukes, Liberty City
 Escuela, Manny  South Bohan, Liberty City


Name Place of Birth
 Faustin, Mikhail  Russia
 Finkle, Gavin "Ambrosia"  Los Santos
 Fitzgerald, Jim  Acter, Alderney
 Forge, Dwayne  Northwood, Liberty City
 Fox, Frenchie  Unknown
 Gallo, Frankie  Leftwood, Alderney
 Garone, Frankie  Little Italy, Liberty City
 Glebov, Vladimir  Russia
 Glover, Cherise  North Holland, Liberty City
 Gomez, Alonso  Northwood, Liberty City
 Gomez, Oscar  Northwood, Liberty City
 Gravelli, Jon  Meadow Hills, Liberty City
 Gravelli, Jon Jr.  Broker, Liberty City
 Graves, Michael  Broker, Liberty City
 Green, Mori  Broker, Liberty City
 Grey, Billy  Acter, Alderney
 Hall, Harry  Dukes, Liberty City
 Hambrough, William  Carcer City
 Hancock, Tyrone  Bohan, Liberty City
 Honorato, Sonny  Bohan, Liberty City
 Hughes, "Little" Jacob  Jamaica
 Jabowitz, Steven  Los Santos
 Jaoming, Chan  China
 Jaoming, Hsin  China
 Jeremy, Brian  Acter, Alderney
 Johnson, Dave "The Stiff"  Liberty City
 Johnson, Wade "The Fixer"  Texas
 Johnson, Joseph "Joe Jon"  Carcer City
 ?, Lazlow  Midwest


Name Place of Birth
 Kaplan, Joseph  Czech Republic
 Keane, Michael  Dukes, Liberty City
 Kerr, Larry  Glasgow, Scotland
 Kibbutz, Brucie  Midwest
 Klebitz, Johnny  Acter, Alderney
 Lawson, Albert  Unknown
 Lee, Huang  China
 Lee, Wu "Kenny"  China
 Leroc, Lee "King"  Liberty City
 Little, Clarence  East Holland, Liberty City
 Lopez, Luis Fernando  Liberty City
 Low, Eddie  San Fierro
 Lupisella, Mark "Loopy"  Bohan, Liberty City
 Lupisella, Vincent  Bohan, Liberty City
 Martin, Charles  Alderney City, Alderney
 Matteo, "Chubby" Charlie  Alderney City, Alderney
 Maxwell Davies, Teafore "Real Badman"  Jamaica
 McCormic, Cherise  San Fierro
 McIntosh, Kerry  San Fierro
 McReary, Maureen  Ireland
 McReary, Gerald  Dukes, Liberty City
 McReary, Derrick  Dukes, Liberty City
 McReary, Patrick "Packie"  Dukes, Liberty City
 McTony, Tony  Bohan, Liberty City
 Meech, Brian  Los Santos
 Michaels, Jason  Acter, Alderney
 Ming, Zhou  China
 Morina, Bledar  Albania
 Muldoon, Samantha  Los Santos
 Noto, Harvey  Dukes, Liberty City
 O'Malley, Aiden  Dukes, Liberty City
 Ortiz, Carmen  South Bohan, Liberty City


Name Place of Birth
 Parker, Chloe  Los Santos
 Pegorino, Jimmy "Peg"  Alderney City, Alderney
 Pegorino, Angie  Westdyke, Alderney
 Petrela, Dardan  Albania
 Petrovic, Kenny  Russia
 Petrovic, Lenny  Hove Beach
 Prince, "Gay" Tony  Midwest
 Quinn, Chastity  Alderney City, Alderney
 Quiroga, Oswaldo  Peru
 Ramzy, Hossan  Egypt
 Rascalov, Dimitri  Russia
 Rivas, Lyle  Puerto Rico
 Rivas, "French" Tom  Puerto Rico
 Rocke, Elaine "The Doctor"  Glasgow, Scotland
 Roth, Isaac  Broker, Liberty City
 Sargent, Gordon  Dukes, Liberty City
 Schwartz, Moe  Bohan, Liberty City
 Sharpe, Leila  Acter, Alderney
 Silvestri, Luca  Alderney City, Alderney
 Simson, Jayvon  North Holland, Liberty City
 Sligo, Bucky  Dukes, Liberty City
 Spoleto, Anthony "Tony Black"  Little Italy, Liberty City
 St. Ives, Jeremy  San Fierro
 Stewart, Trey "Playboy X"  North Holland, Liberty City
 Thorpe, Terry  Acter, Alderney
 Torres, Elizabeta  South Bohan, Liberty City


Name Place of Birth
 Valerio, Willy  South Bohan, Liberty City
 Valvona, Mary  Palermo, Sicily
 Vasquez, Alfonso  Mexico City, Mexico
 Vasquez, January Natasha  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Venturella, Mario  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Volpe, Fredo  Dukes, Liberty City
 Volpe, Mark Anthony  Dukes, Liberty City
 Von Crastenburg, Jill  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Waterstreet, Heathcliff  Las Venturas
 Wome, Claude  Unknown City In Africa
 Yalon, Rami  Israel
 Young-Guk, Kim  North Korea
 Zapulla, Arthur  Algonquin, Liberty City
 Zito, Roy  Broker, Liberty City


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