The Los Santos Pounders (stylized as LS Pounders) is the professional football team based in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


Varrios Los Aztecas member Ortega wears the team's #2 jersey. This team, however, is mostly likely defunct or moved to another city.

The team might be inspired in both the Los Angeles Rams (usage of yellow in the uniforms) and the Oakland Raiders (styling of the logo). The LS Pounders are most likely based upon the Los Angeles Rams. The word "pounders" is both a reference to the name of the real-life team and to a sexual act. The name pounder may also be based off of the word ramming (Ramming, Pounding)

Known Players

  • #02 - ?
  • #05 - Worms
  • #12 - Stont
  • #50 - Jackson