La Conca is a motel featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The motel is located in Pilgrim, Las Venturas, on the south east of Caligula's Palace. There is a Body Armor pickup on top of the conch-shell-shaped lobby.


  • The word "Conca" is a misspelling of Concha, which means "shell" in Spanish and Portuguese. 
  • The motel is based on the former La Concha Motel next to the Riviera on the Las Vegas Strip. Though the motel no longer exists, the distinctive lobby recreated in GTA San Andreas has been preserved by the Las Vegas Neon Museum.
  • La Concha make a brief appearance in Casino which is known to be a movie that influenced the game's Las Venturas part of the storyline.
  • If you look closely to the sign "La Conca", you'll see that the developers used the real "La Concha" sign but with the "h" crudely hidden with a software.