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Tourism poster for La Puerta, showcasing the Maze Bank Arena.

"A community with strong roots in the fishing and longshoring industry, La Puerta, like so many other proud blue-collar neighborhoods, survived unchanged for hundreds of years until it was infiltrated by hipsters who sneaked in disguised as them and started drinking in their dive bars."
GTAV digital manual

La Puerta, previously called Los Puerta, is a neighborhood in southern Los SantosSan Andreas in GTA V. La Puerta is also the location of the Maze Bank Arena.

Events of GTA V

La Puerta is the main setting of the mission The Long Stretch, where Franklin, Lamar and Stretch are ambushed by the Ballas, a rival gang, in a warehouse.


Roads and Streets

Places of interest



  • La Puerta means "The Door" in Spanish. Can also mean "Gate".
  • Rockstar Games originally planned to name this neighborhood "Los Puerta", which is incorrect Spanish. "Puerta" is singular and feminine, while the article "los" is for plural and masculine names.
  • It is based on the real life "Marina Del Rey".


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