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Advertisement for the Zancudo River.

"Wonderful wildlife haven to some, mosquito-infested swamp to others, you'll either love or hate the Lago Zancudo wetlands."
―GTA V Manual

Lago Zancudo, which translates as Zancudo Lake, is an undeveloped area located in Los Santos County in the state of San Andreas within Grand Theft Auto V. Its slogan is "Bringing a Taste of Mexico to the U.S.A."


Gifted to the State of San Andreas in 1941, Lago Zancudo was formerly a jetty used by locals for trading. Since that time, the area has been transformed back to its original wild status, thereby benefitting the local wildlife and enriching the lives of the thousands of visitors every year.


Lago Zancudo is wetland terrain covered with bogs and trees. The Zancudo River runs through it. It borders Fort Zancudo, and is home to wildlife such as birds and deer. The only manmade objects include an old shack where a Blazer spawns in single player, the bridge from the Great Ocean Highway, and a RON gas station with a non-enterable 24/7. Take caution: there are two NPCs who can be seen fishing near the water, smoking, or on phones and sometimes if provoked or attacked, they will either run away or pull out Pistols, and fire at you.

Letter Scraps

A letter scrap can be found here.


  • Lago means "lake" in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish. 
  • Zancudo is Spanish for a malarial mosquito.
  • Though the information board says that the wildlife of Lago Zancudo includes brown bearsbeavers, and coyotes, there are none to be found in the area. 
  • Lago Zancudo is also the location where your character respawns in online play if you are killed in or around Fort Zancudo.  
  • The water in this lake has a unique brownish color, in contrast with the clear color of other bodies of water around the state. 


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