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Lamar: "You're sounding more and more like a snitch every day!"
Franklin: "That sound like someboy tryna' make some paper and not getting killed."
―Lamar and Franklin.

Lamar is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Lamar is a friend of Franklin. He has been described as "crazy" by Rockstar Games. It appears that Lamar is a drug dealer and gang-banger due to Franklin's comments about Lamar's "slangin' dope" and "throwing up gang signs". He is a member of the Grove Street Families street gang.


When describing Lamar, Rockstar Games' Dan Houser said that even though he is crazy, he is a "good kind of crazy", and also a "very funny" main character, while his best friend, Franklin, is the opposite of him.


  • As seen in Franklin's trailer, Lamar could possibly own a white Buffalo. When walking up the pathway to a house, it is parked on the street directly behind him.
  • Lamar possibly owns a dog, which is shown in Franklin's trailer, where he's holding a collar.
  • Lamar seems to be a tall character, being that he towers over Franklin.


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