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Lancet-Hospital Center

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The Lancet-Hospital Center in GTA IV, as seen to the northwest.

The Lancet-Hospital Center is a hospital featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, functioning as a spawn point if the player dies close to the hospital.


As its name implies, the hospital is situated in southeast Lancet, Algonquin, Liberty City, consisting of a large building occupying a entire city block bordered by Jade Street, Albany Avenue, Kunzite Street (part of the Algonquin Bridge onramp) and Bismarck Avenue. Like most other hospitals, the building lacks an interior (being insignificant to the development of the game's storyline), but spawns Ambulances on the Bismarck Avenue side, and also includes a health pack on the eastern entrance of the south side, as well as ECola vending machines in its entrances. The hospital also features a heliport (accessible only by air), as well as a tall smokestack. It also houses a rehab and STD clinic as seen on I'm Rich .


  • The name of the hospital is identifiable over the arched western entrance on the south side of the building, with the hyphen between "Lancet" and "Hospital" included within the name. In addition, a subtitle that reads "St. Openshaw" accompanies the Lancet-Hospital Center signage.
  • St. Openshaw might be the name of the STD clinic and Rehab center 

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