Las Payasadas is a town located in northern Bone County, San Andreas, a few miles away from Las Venturas. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Road signage indicates that the town has a population of 211 in 1992. The town sits on a cliff, with Verdant Meadows visible in the valley below. The town's most prominent feature is a large model chicken with a constantly bobbing head. When entering the town from the either side (east or west), a sign is visible, reading: "Las Payasadas, home of "The Big Pecker", The World's Largest Cock".

The name Las Payasadas translates roughly from Spanish to horseplay, clowning around, or antics, a possible reference to the lack of seriousness afforded to this town owing to its giant chicken.

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  • In the map that comes with the game, the town is misspelled as "Las Payasdas". Another error is shown on a sign in Valle Ocultado, reading the town's name as "La Payasadas".
  • Before the western approach into this town, there is a small dirt road that leads to the road leading to an unused building. This road, although small, has an unusually high volume of traffic using it.
  • This town is loosely based on Kingman, Arizona.