"Bunch of red neck hick bastards at this precinct. Scarcely fit to be called cops."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Las Venturas Police Headquarters is the main law enforcement building in Las Venturas, and is the largest law enforcement structure in the entire state of San Andreas.


It is located at the northeastern end of the city, in the Roca Escalante district. This structure is accessible to the player, and is where the player will re-spawn after being arrested anywhere within Las Venturas city limits (including a mission failure in Architectural Espionage due to photographing blueprints before causing the distraction and refusing to put the weapons away when a security guard spots the situation). The Police Station contains a sizable impound garage that can be accessed through a garage door at the side of the building. The police station has a minor appearance in the mission Cop Wheels where CJ steals one of the police bikes located near the entrance of the building.

Weapons and Pickups




  • Inside the building, there are pictures of James Earl Cash and members of The Hoods from Rockstar North's Manhunt.
  • As with the Los Santos Police headquarters, carrying or switching to a firearm in the building will trigger a two star wanted level.