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[[Image:Dragunov.jpg|thumb|right|The Dragunov at an [[Ammu-Nation]] shop.]]
The '''Dragunov''' or alternatively '''SVD-1''' is a sniper rifle featured only in ''[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]'' so far.
The Dragunov's counterpart, [[PSG-1]] was not featured in ''Vice City Stories'', to fit the time period ([[1984]]). The weapon in-game is referred to as "Laser Sniper" and fires faster than it's [[Sniper Rifle|regular]] counterpart. It holds 7 bullets per magazine and also appears as a [[rampages|rampage]] weapon.
:''You may be referring to the following laser-equipped sniper rifles:''
*[[Washington Beach]] - Spawns on the roof of the police station.
*[[Vice Point]] - Available at the [[Ammu-Nation]] shop for $8,000, however the price is decreased when the player beats [[Phil's Shooting Range]] to $4,000.
*[[PSG-1]] - The laser-scope sniper rifle in the games [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
[[Category:Weapons in GTA Vice City Stories]]
*[[Dragunov]] - The laser-scope sniper rifle in the game [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]. (Referred to as '''Laser Sniper''' in the game)

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You may be referring to the following laser-equipped sniper rifles:

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