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Last Will and Testament is a classic Vinewood film produced in 1991 by Dreyfuss Productions.


When shy law school dropout Will Longhorn is bequeathed a million dollars by a woman he had an affair with as a teenager, he can't believe his luck... until he gets accused of committing her murder and is forced to go on the run to Australia. He soon realizes this is a terrible idea as the place is full of savages that annoy everyone. He falls in love with a young runaway called Molly who teaches him to believe in himself. Yet her accent is so annoying he kills her.

When he's arrested and tried in court for first-degree murder, there is a 40-minute case sequence, in which Will is repeatedly asked by the Judge, "Aye mate, why did ya do it? Crikey!".

He escapes and rows back to civilization.

Comments on

  • blackoutbill6 - "Am I the only one who likes this movie?" - 8/10 stars
  • dogbone91 - "Yes." - 1/10 stars


  • This movie was a flop so big, that made Peter Dreyfuss give up on his career as movie director.
  • The tour guide of the Vinewood Star Tours says that she was one of the members of the jury in this movie, but they cut off her line.