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A laundromat

For the van in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Laundromat (van).

Laundromats are self-service laundry facilities. They are seen throughout the 3D Universe and HD Universe.

GTA Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a laundromat in Little Havana has a Tracksuit clothing pickup. The store clerk can be robbed and this is a requirement for 100% completion.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, a laundromat (located in Hove Beach) features in the mission Hung Out to Dry. Several other laundromats around Liberty City are also accessible to the player, but are of little practical use. Stealing from a laundromat's cash register will net around a small amount of cash and earn the player a one-star wanted level, even if the laundromat is empty. There are also other shops which have laundromat signage but cannot be entered. 

All accessible laundromats have the same layout, with a glass storefront and back door, providing the opportunity for a quick getaway.


In Algonquin and Bohan there are no Laundromats.


Broker and Dukes


In Grand Theft Auto V, there are several inaccessible laundromats, one being located in Davis.

Known Laundromats


  • The Laundromat also appears in Manhunt.

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