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Law is a television show advertised in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, likely a parody of Law and Order. It is broadcast every Thursday on Weazel. It cannot be watched by the player.

Man: Sometimes the law is not enough.

Lawyer 1: Did you file the subpoena in the McPherson case?

Lawyer 2: Nah, it wasn’t urgent. I filed an AO-440.

Lawyer 1: AO-440?!?

Lawyer 2: I know, I know. So I went shopping for these loafers...

Lawyer 3: Anyone got a stapler? I got a lot of forms, and there’s a slight breeze in here!

Man: Law. Because paperwork is dramatic. Catch it Thursdays on Weazel, before it catches you.

Man: There’s a gritty new show this season on Weazel. Where the law is the drama, and the drama is the law.

Woman: What the hell did you go to law school for?

Man 2: I haven’t changed at all! I was always over-competitive and shallow! I have a disabled brother I pretend doesn’t exist! I only married you because you’ve got great guns!

Man: Law. Catch it Thursdays on Weazel, before it catches you.

Man: The real-life fictional drama about the lives behind the law in the show that is making America cry.

Lawyer: These IF-75s are a mess! And we’re already three months late with the UCC addendum, after we lost the 8th Circuit paperwork the first time around! Jeez! I really need to whack off...

Man: Law. They play hard. And they work hard. REALLY hard. Catch it Thursdays on Weazel, before it catches you.

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