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Law Enforcement Agencies in HD Universe

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A law enforcemet agency (LEA) is a government agency responsible for the enforcement of the laws. In the Grand Theft Auto series, these agencies, most notably police forces, serve as the protagonist's main border from causing different crimes.


Role and behavior

Law enforcement agencies are used to enforce the laws on the streets. Members of such agencies will become hostile at other pedestrians, should they witness them doing any type of crime. As of result, they will either chase or kill criminals, depending on the situation (e.i. arrest the suspect if he/she is not hostile, or kill the suspect if threatened).

Under this category comes also the player's character, who can commit a large number of crimes ranging from hijacking to murdering. The attention the player receives from the agencies, and the agencies themselves, depend on the player's wanted level, as local police departments will respond to "small" crimes, while comando units will respond to much more serious scenarios.

In the HD Universe, the player would be mostly chased by members of the local police department; in Grand Theft Auto IV, it is the LCPD, whilst Grand Theft Auto V features the LSPD. Officers at one star will mostly attempt to arrest the player, while officers at two stars may also shoot at the player with any forms of agression. At three stars, police officers will call Police Mavericks to hunt the player down, and the primary Noose units start to dispatch. At four to six stars most of the police officers will be replaced by the FIB and by military-style reinforcements (NOOSE). 

Known Agencies

Logo Name and Classification Based On
National Office Of Security Enforcement
Military-Style Operations
FIB logo
Federal Investigation Bureau
Federal Agency



Internal Affairs Agency
Intelligence Agency

Liberty City Police Department
Municipal Police

LSPD Fan Made
Los Santos Police Department
Municipal Police


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