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*Harry Lee was the sheriff of Louisiana for 28 years, so the names of Harry and Lee are possibly a reference to him.
*Lee uses the same character model as [[Charlie Dilson]].
*Lee uses the same character model as [[Charlie Dilson]].

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For other uses of "Lee", see Lee (GTA CW), Lee Chong, Lee Majors, Lee Vitout or the Lee Family.

Lee is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Lee is a member of the Forelli Family who in 1986 accompanies Tommy Vercetti and Harry to Vice City. Lee, Harry and Tommy are met at Escobar International Airport by lawyer Ken Rosenberg, who drives them to Viceport, where a drug trade has been scheduled to take place.

After the money is exchanged in the drug deal, Diaz's hitmen open fire and kill Lee, Harry and Victor Vance. Lee, as well as Harry, is mentioned later in the mission An Old Friend, when Tommy informs Sonny Forelli of their deaths, and the failure of the deal.


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