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Talk2 is an interactive website featuring in Grand Theft Auto V where it is possible to buy vehicles. The company sell super cars as well as classic and rare vehicles. In GTA Online, the Legendary Motorsport website features a much broader selection of vehicles the player can purchase, all of which cost upwards of $100,000. This is because the player cannot modify stolen vehicles upwards of $100k, and the majority of vehicles would be unobtainable otherwise.


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Sports Classics Truffade Z-Type $10,000,000 $950,000 Single Player and Online ZType-GTAV-Front
Sports Classics Albany Roosevelt Found in Garage Unavailable Online Only [Feb. 15th - Mar. 4th] AlbanyRoosevelt-Front-GTAV
Sports Classics Pegassi Monroe $490,000 $490,000 Single Player and Online PegassiMonroe-Front-GTAV
Sports Classics Grotti Stinger $1,000,000 $850,000 Single Player and Online GrottiStinger-Front-GTAV
Super Grotti Cheetah $650,000 $650,000 Single Player and Online Cheetah-GTAV-frontview
Super Overflod Entity XF $795,000 $795,000 Single Player and Online EntityXF-GTAV-Front
Super Truffade Adder $1,000,000 $1,000,000 Single Player and Online Adder-GTAV-Front
Super Pegassi Vacca $240,000 $240,000 Single Player and Online PegassiVacca-Front-GTAV
Super Grotti Turismo R Found in Garage $500,000 Online Only TurismoR-GTAV-Front
Super Coil Voltic $150,000 Online Only CoilVoltic-Front-GTAV
Super Pegassi Infernus $440,000 Online Only Infernus-GTAV-Front
Super Vapid Bullet $155,000 Online Only VapidBullet-Front-GTAV
Coupes Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio $185,000 $185,000 Single Player and Online EnusCognoscentiCabrio-Front1-GTAV
Sports Albany Alpha Found in Garage $150,000 Online Only Alpha-GTAV-front
Sports Dinka Jester Found in Garage $240,000 Online Only 250px
Sports Pfister Comet $100,000 Online Only PfisterComet-Front-GTAV
Sports Bravado Banshee $105,000 Online Only BravadoBanshee1-Front-GTAV
Sports Annis Elegy RH8 Found in Garage Free Online Only (Social Club members) ElegyRH8-GTAV-Front
Sports Classic Dewbauchee JB 700 $475,000 $375,000 Single Player and Online JB700-GTAV-Front
Sports Dewbauchee Rapid GT $132,000 Online Only DewbaucheeRapidGT1-Front-GTAV
Coupes Dewbauchee Exemplar Sold at for $205,000. $205,000 Online Only Exemplar-GTAV-Front
Sports Hijak Khamelion Free Online Only (Collector's Edition) Khamelion-GTAV-Front
Sports Obey 9F $120,000 Online Only 9f
Sports Obey 9F Cabrio $130,000 Online Only 9F GTA V
Sports Benefactor Surano $100,000 Online Only Surano-GTAV-Front
Sports Invetero Coquette $138,000 Online Only InveteroCoquette-Front-GTAV
Sports Benefactor Feltzer $130,000 Online Only Feltzer-GTAV-Front
Sports Grotti Carbonizzare $195,000 Online Only GrottiCarbonizzare-Front-GTAV
Muscle Vapid Hotknife Free Online Only (Collector's Edition) Hotknife-GTAV-Front
Motorcycles Nagasaki Carbon RS Free Online Only (Collector's Edition) CarbonRS-GTAV-Front


  • Many of the Sports Classics prices are altered in GTA Online, this is likely due to the fact that Super Cars such as the Bullet are cheaper and perform better, meaning only a minority of players would be interested in buying them.
  • After a game update, the company oddly stopped selling the Pegassi Infernus in Single Player, despite mentioning it in its LifeInvader page and selling the less luxurious Pegassi Vacca.
  • The Khamelion, the Hotknife and the CarbonRS are displayed as "Out of Stock" in if you do not own the Collector's Edition. The same goes for the Elegy RH8 if you are not a member of the Social Club.
  • Although the Roosevelt can no longer be bought in GTA Online, those who have already purchased it can still keep it and drive it around. Likewise, it remains available through Single Player.
  • If you "stalk" on Lifeinvader, you receive an in-game coupon for 10% off any vehicle purchase.

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