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Lenny Avery is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Lenny Avery is a real estate developer operating in northern Los Santos, particularly around Vinewood and Rockford Hills. He used to be Josh Bernstein's partner until he betrayed Josh and successfully lobbied to have his real estate license revoked, bankrupting his former business ally. After Josh lost his license, Lenny bought most of his properties and became the biggest real estate developer in Northern Los Santos.

However, Josh eventually employed Trevor Philips to sabotage Lenny's business, first by destroying sale signs outside Lenny's properties and later by chasing down Avery and physically threatening him to stop competing against Josh's company, to which Avery agrees in terror before running away. After completing the mission the player can kill Lenny while he is running away. This has absolutely no impact on the story.

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  • Since Lenny is a real estate developer and his last name is "Avery", his character could be a reference to Avery Carrington, another unscrupulous real estate developer from the 3D Universe canon.
  • Lenny says during his mission that he has a stomach staple.


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