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"Amigo, prepare to meet your new partner!"
Trevor, before killing Leon

Leon is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Leon is the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in Los Santos. During the mission Hang Ten, Trevor Philips kills Leon offscreen and takes over the club. The following mission shows that Trevor stored Leon's corpse in the office fridge.

Mission Appearances


Leon Vanilla Unicorn corpse in the fridge GTAV00:10

Leon Vanilla Unicorn corpse in the fridge GTAV



  • Franklin Clinton seems to have known Leon personally, even being a possible friend of his. Although this could just be that he knows who the former owner of the Vanilla Unicorn was due to spending so much time there.
  • He has a Lifeinvader account, "LEON@VanillaUnicorn". It is possible to find a post of him on Lamar Davis' Lifeinvader page, stating that he hasn't seen him for a while and that explains why the strippers are glad he hadn't showed up.